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if you are on my jean jacket waitlist or hoping to be... I will be taking a break from reaching out to those next in line for the time being. I have things in my life that are currently taking priority, but I hope to start reaching back out to people again when I am able to. I am making no promises and I am sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Joyful Jackets are so special to me and are created with so much time and care, and at this moment I just don't have the time to continue them at the moment.



script font . single color . classic elegance for all occasions . mock up sent for approval


date written on collar: +$10


script font . single color . pre-designed gorgeous line work florals . mockup sent for approval


date written on collar: +$10


From florals to full illustrations and everything in between, we work together to create the perfect design and jean jacket for you. Design can be on the front or back of jacket.
Starting at $125

Joyful Jackets: Projects


1. Fill out the order request form below (CURRENTLY CLOSED)

2. Once I reach your name on the list I will send you an email to begin the process. I will confirm the design you have chosen, or begin work on the custom design you requested. At this time I will send you a link to make your purchase.

3. Once you have paid the invoice, you will send me the jacket to be painted. When I receive the jacket I will create a mockup of the design for your approval.

4. Once I have finished your painting I will ship the finished product back to you. 


Do I have to provide the jean jacket?

-Yes. Requiring you to send me the jean jacket of your choice allows you to pick one that is perfect for your style. I would hate to custom paint a jacket that you have never tried on or seen in person just for it to arrive too small or too big, not the color you expected, etc. Since these are custom pieces of art, I want to ensure that it is the exact brand, style, color, quality, and size that you want it to be. This also gives you more freedom to find the perfect jacket that you will enjoy wearing for years to come.

How long does an order normally take?

-I try to complete each jacket within 2-3 weeks of the design being approved/receiving the jacket (custom design orders may vary depending on how long it takes to create the design). If you are ordering for a wedding, vacation, or other event, make sure to list this in your request!

PLEASE NOTE my waitlist gets quite long so it may be months until you hear back from me so please check your email frequently and don't be concerned if you don't hear back right away. Current estimated wait time: 3 months.

What if I don't respond to your email?

Because of the high demand for these jackets I will only email you once when I have reached your name. If I do not hear back from you within one week I place your name on the "Did not respond" list. If my email went to spam or you see after that first week that's okay!! :) Just send me a message and we will get started!

Is shipping included?

- I offer free shipping for the completed piece. However, you will be responsible for paying to ship the jacket to me. So basically you only have to pay for shipping one way. (Please note, I am not responsible for items lost in transit when sending your jacket to me.) 

Can I order anything when choosing the "Completely Custom" option?

-Just as with any artist working on any medium, I do have a specific style and there are things that may not be possible. But I will always do my best to make your vision come to life, if there are any issues I will discuss them with you before your purchase has been made. Scroll down to see my portfolio of custom jackets to get some idea of what I have done in the past. You can also click on my portfolio link on my main menu bar to see other custom work I've done beyond jackets that can give you a better idea as well.

Pricing varies based on what you are looking to have painted. As an example the teacher jackets commonly featured on my tiktok are based on the number of letters in the last name and any additional requests, for example a five-letter name would be $154. 

Joyful Jackets: Text


Currently taking a creative break. I will try to return all messages even while I will not be creating or taking orders.

With Joy and Heart,


Joyful Jackets: Contact


We all know life happens, accidents occur and clothes must be washed. Your artwork has been heat set so that the design is “sealed” into the jacket so it will not be impacted by water. Below are some steps you can take to caring for your jacket so that it lasts forever.

SPOT-CLEAN: Spot cleaning is the most ideal method to protect your painting. Use a wet cloth with mild detergent to scrub the spot that needs cleaning, avoiding the painting if possible, and rinse with cold or warm water. It is okay if the painting gets wet in the process, it is sealed and will not be impacted by the water.

HAND-WASH: This is the best way to ensure your painting is not destroyed while your jacket can still get fully washed. Hand-washing is gentle and you can manually scrub the areas you want to clean while avoiding the painted area. If your jacket just needs a regular wash, this is the best way to do it. Remember to only use a small amount of mild detergent and wash in cold or slightly warm water.

MACHINE-WASH: Only if absolutely needed. Make sure to turn your jean jacket inside-out and wash on the delicate cycle on your machine. This method is a bit more risky to the integrity of your painting. Therefore, I only recommend using this option if your denim really needs a good wash and is the only option. As always, use a small amount of mild detergent, like Seventh Generation (aka, not Tide). NEVER use bleach, softeners, or any alcohol-based cleaner. Alcohol of any kind will destroy the painting.

Joyful Jackets: Welcome


Use the store link below to find my favorite art supplies for every budget! Is painting not your thing? Check out my website to shop my stickers, apparel, watercolor paintings and more, and learn more about my hand-painted denim jackets. Follow my socials for up-to-date information on custom order waitlists, behind the scenes projects and more!

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Scroll down to see examples of previous jackets I've painted

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