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Have you ever wanted to try your hand at calligraphy? Here's your chance to pick up a pen and learn a new skill!  Perfect for all experience levels. Geared towards those who have never tried lettering before. We will go over the basics of Modern Calligraphy using brush pens, then you will create your own ornament and gift tags! Join us for this special class!

*SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED, sign up now!* 

Intro to Modern Calligraphy (cost: €40) 
In this course we will explore the basic strokes used to create beautiful letters. You will learn how to use different brush pens and markers to create hand lettered masterpieces. By the end of the class you will have created a beautiful hand lettered quote of your choice!

Some people assume you have to have perfect hand writing to hand lettered, and this just isn't true. Forming these letters is more of an art stroke, unlike normal writing. Join us for a great afternoon of fun! The perfect excuse to finally step away from all the things you are juggling and take some time to learn a new creative skill and just rest. Enjoy a relaxing afternoon with a warm cup of tea, tasty treats and a brush pen. I can't wait to "letter" with you!

Workshop located in Erbendorf. You will receive address after signing up for the class.

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