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Painting a Mora Clock

Wow was this a fun project! And by far the LARGEST piece I've ever painted. This customer purchased a beautiful antique Mora Clock in Germany and was offered free painting included in the price. Unfortunately it wasn't exactly what they were hoping for... which is where I was brought in! This customer came to me asking to bring their vision to life. They wanted to include all of the elements of their favorite places to make one cohesive clock that they would keep forever.

Before image of the Mora Clock

To the right is the before image of the clock. They had requested Edelweiss flowers, cherry blossoms and blue bonnet florals. Although all of those elements have been included, it just wasn't working yet for the customers. So they brought it to me and we worked together to come up with a design that they loved.

Below is the final piece!!! We combined everything they wanted and made the clock a cohesive piece! I am so thankful to bring their vision to life and make this a clock they will love forever!


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