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A few of my favorite things!

Okay now this may be my new favorite custom piece of the year! This artwork included flowers, special meaning and GOLD PAINT! I loooovee anytime I get to break out the metallic watercolors! This special piece was ordered as a farewell gift for a family who has lived in a lot of cool places. Each flower represents the state flower of the state they resided in. She also wanted to include a few extras like Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly for VA & to represent change, poppies - for fallen comrades, 3 dandelions - for their military kids, and the lady bug - for good luck, and the "S" in the middle for the first letter of their last name.

This was such a special piece. They tend to take a little longer, but are SO worth it! Each individual piece is hand placed and designed and then everything is hand painted onto the final artwork. I usually recommend ordering a piece like this in at least 11x14in. size so that you can see all of the details!


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